How Dennis Rodman is Cashing in on his Iconic Colourful Hairstyles. 

Im sure by now you’ve heard the term ‘NFT’ or ‘non-fungible tokens’ thrown around all over social media, news articles and business forums, but to break it down to the simplest of terms, an NFT is a digital token who’s ownership is recorded, each of varying value, but some are incredibly valuable.. Hence the hype!

So it’s not at all surprising that celebrities, including pop stars and athletes are getting involved, not only as consumers, but also as creators. And when it comes to creative athletes, you don’t get much more creative than Dennis Rodman; and The Worm is now cashing in on his creative hairstyles.   

If you’re a fan of basketball, pop culture, or are one of the 23.8 million people who watched Netflix’s The Last Dance, you’ll be no stranger to Rodmans creative hair choices. For more on those, read this article  and now you can own a piece of hair history in the form of an NFT at Rodman’s Barbershop. 

Rodman has created a range of digital art pieces in ‘Rodmans Barbershop’ which pay homage to his iconic style throughout his career. He worked in partnership with creative studio Metacurio to design these incredible NFT pieces. “Rodman’s Barbershop is a unique way to celebrate his own personal style and creativity, which is something that will always be part of the legacy of Dennis Rodman,” said Metacurio CEO Jeff Hoods

The pieces are available at Rodmans Barbershop on Opensea, the largest marketplace for NFTs. The creative collection is available to buy now, each prices at $175 and there are 5,000 of them in total. And if you’re still not sure whether you want to invest, once the full collection has sold, one NFT owner will be selected at random to win a haircut by Dennis Rodman himself, at the real Rodman’s Barbershop.   See the full collection here https://opensea.io/collection/dennisrodmansbarbershop