Wednesday – Saturday



Favourite Cut:

Textured Crop

Calvin, barbering gives him that creative outlet to where he can express himself artistically. He got into barbering in the first national lockdown during the pandemic where he initially cut his brothers hair with a set of beard trimmers. It’s from there where he discovered a passion and quickly developed his skills self taught until he could invest in his craftsmanship by undergoing a barbering course. Upon completion he quickly found his second home ‘Jefe’s’ where he brings fresh and modern fading and scissor texturing methods to the table. Calvin’s favourite thing about working in the shop is seeing the customers appreciation for the little details made in producing their haircut. Whilst building a culture in the shop where clients know other clients; a great collaborative and creative space for all. Calvin’s dream in the industry is to educate others whilst making others who want to become a barber themselves, all the tools and equipment they need to thrive, for a cost effective price. Which is why the Jefe team are working hard to produce those equipment and hair products to market. And making those aspirations a reality.