Dennis Rodman’s Hair!

A barbers dream or nightmare? Whichever way you look at it, there’s no denying that Dennis Rodman provided years of entertainment both on and off the court, even extending to his creative hairstyles. Sometimes just for a fun pop of colour, other times these wild styles were there to convey a message. Be it solidarity, commitment, or just pure optimism, Dennis Rodman’s hair is a piece of 90s barbering history. 

Before Dennis Rodman became renowned for his wild hairstyles, he first displayed his love for creative barbering with a hopeful message: “Trilogy III” This was as his team at the time, the Detroit Pistons, we headed into the NBA playoffs with the hopes of winning a third championship in a row. However the statement turned out to be premature as the Pistons were swept in the Eastern Conference Finals, by none other than his future legacy team, The Chicago Bulls. 

During the 1995 NBA playoffs, a time when members of the LGBTQ+ community were being persecuted in the media due to the stigma surrounding AIDS, Dennis Rodman used his hair style to make a strong statement. Having the red ribbon dyed into the back of his head in solidarity with those living with AIDS, whilst on one of the worlds biggest stages, the race the the NBA finals. “I felt like calling attention to AIDS” Rodman said at the time. 

Probably one of the most memorable of Rodman’s hair styles was the iconic smiley face. In spite of his bad boy image, the Bulls legend wanted to spread some smiles

Another iconic hair style was often misinterpreted. What people assumed was a leopard print pattern was actually Rodman paying tribute to his Chicago Bulls team mate and Hall of Famer Scottie Pippen. Pippen played in the number 33. Pippens controversial decision to undergo foot surgery during the season split the opinion of Bulls fans and players alike, however Rodman’s respect for Pippen remained strong, and proudly displayed on his head for Pippens return.

After being signed by the Chicago Bulls in 1995, Rodman displayed his Bulls pride & dedication in a less than subtle way. The bright red hair with a black bull logo dyed into it was there for all to see in case there was any confusion about his commitment to his new team. What a way to make an entrance!